Welcome to a world of Pure Pleasure!

For you we design innovating, extraordinary electric scooters, with astonishing new advantages. We design XORs i.e. 'Xtraordinary Objects on Road. High performance, clean, pleasant, practical, reasonable price.


The real issue of electric power vehicle

Choosing an electric power vehicle is really choosing a new and rare pleasure.
This is the pleasure of power and performance. The torque is really high, always there, straight line. It means that the power is continuously available until reaching the maximum speed. Good electric powered vehicle accelerates fast all time long.
This is the pleasure of gliding on road in silence. Only the whisper of the wind. The pleasure of riding with no vibrations. Surfing the macadam !
This is also the pleasure of speeding up, riding, surfing with no pollution, not damaging the planet. Pleasure with no guilt !
And if you choose a really light, easy to handle, fast vehicle, that you can charge really fast anywhere, that you can park anywhere because it is foldable, then you really choose a giant pleasure !
Welcome in a world of pure pleasure !


XOR.MOTORS at EICMA from november 2 to 7

After great success at Intermot, XOR.MOTORS presents at EICMA (Milan) the XO2 ultimate models and especially the fantastic XO2 8.0kw which beats the records of speed, acceleration, long range and fast charge. Hall 2/ Q22. Benvenuto!

Great success for XO2 at Intermot

The XO2 ultimate models were introduced at INTERMOT (Cologne) and met really great success. Check what the press says (dial : \" xor motors intermot\" on google). And guess who took the lead from start in the electric race ?

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